Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Hit of 1000 in 3 weeks with 1675 page views!

Dear fellow bloggers,

'Little', was my knowledge about a 'Blog'until a couple of months ago.When my li'l sis N persuaded me to start a food blog,I felt it would be absolutely 'impossible' for me.

The impossible turned out to 'possible', when Spicy Chilly was born in the month of April!.The hit counter was dragged in on Apr 11th(taking care NOT to rgstr my own entries to the page) and 3 weeks had passed till then!.

So,now 1675 had visited this 'baby'(page views),1000 had already pampered(unique visitors),and more than 80 arrived with their cute and sweet gifts!(precious comments)...drum rolls in the background:D...

I sincerely thank my sis, R.P, Shaheen and Priya Bhaskaran for their timely help and having encouraging me tremendously as a new blogger!

I am extremely grateful to my very dear blogger friends,as well,for their prompt visits,encouraging comments and staunch support.

Let this 'babe' grow up,with blessings from all of you!.


  1. congratulations, bharathy.

  2. U really love your blog .. dont ye ..

    Congratulations ...

  3. Wow!! Congrats!

    If I ever see you crying again for simple things, I will be so mad. :D

  4. hey bharathy, here I come err no#1001 :)
    congratulations! isn't it fun :)

  5. Congrats dear..*clap, clap, clap*.. U dint answer my question tho :(

  6. 1000 in 3 weeks!!!I am still at 4000 for almost 9mnts!!!:D

    Congratulations and enjoy blogging!:))

  7. Congrats Bharathy!!! I completed 1 month too.

  8. congrats bharathy,, good going..keep it up!

  9. congrats bharthy ....excellent going ...

  10. congrats Bharathy! great going girl!

  11. Thank you bee.!..can never forget your prompt visits right from the beginning..

    Yes ayesha...just like a mother loves her baby..definitely draining a vast amount of my time and energy...still..:)..

    R.P..he he (now I am scratching my head with lifted eyebrows..stretched smiley lips..imagine my face ..can you?):I

    Oh yeah richa,very much:)

    Thanx a lot for your cheering claps.. sugi..What was your good question by the way??
    Asha ,I am replying in your blog(for your humble comment)

    Mathy...first time...manamarntha varaverpugal..:)

    yes Reena.. you are doing a greater job than me..I know..Thanx and all the very best to you..

    Thanx chinni:)

    Shaheen the FIRST one to comment in my blog..Valathukal vechu aadyam vannillee athinte gunam thanne:)...mudal mudalaka kuthuvilakku ethi vaitha malayala adhishta pen:) fellow blogger.. we started blogging almost at the same time..but one dif.she is way ahead of me..:)..doing great deepa..all the very best to you too!!

    Thanx again.. Roopa:D..

  12. hey sis! didnt see your post :)

    i am so so glad for introducing you to the wonderful world of blogging and i am so happy ur talents are finally getting appreciated.. if there was one thing that I have felt sad about, thts ur talents going away unnoticed.. though i get the chance to show off all the time, u r the talented one of course! (i may be smarter, hehehe)..

    so here is to my most talented, most creative sis who did an amazing job with her blog with minimal help from me..

    many more thousands to come here and appreciate u :)

    love, N, your lil sis!

  13. thats wonderful bharathy...i very well know how u must be feeling coz i too like many other had gone through same phase:)
    a tight hugs to u and wishing u good luck:)

  14. congrats bharathy:)great work.

  15. Let me bow my head down to you both...Sia and meera:)

  16. Look at you !!! A young blog, and already a hit ! Congratulations.


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