Thursday, November 1, 2007

Arusuvai Friendship Chain!..

Yes, we, the bloggers residing in India are proud to have put a start to this new chain..named arusuvai.
A chain of friendship and fun which moves on and on…
To begin with, this will be restricted in India.

As you all know, Mrs.Latha Narasimhan, has already put the start of arusuvai..

Popularly known as Lathaji, Lathamma, Mami, as we all know is an addicted and an affectionate food blogger, the most active author of the well known domain, The 'Yum' Blog..
We wanted her to name the chain and kick it “start”, giving due respect to her seniority in terms of age, and capability; a 4 month old blogger with much enthusiasm, celebrating their 100th post and a hit of 10,000 within a couple of months!!.

Lakshmi, her daughter, holds the credit of creating these cute Logos.

Thank you Bhags, for all your valuable opinions.

Renuka and myself are honoured to be the first recipients of arusuvai and are all prepared to grab the “Surprise Ingredient”, already dispatched by dear Lathamma.

When you receive a package with a “surprise ingredient” as a part of arusuvai here are the basic rules you need to follow:

1. Prepare something tasty with it and post recipe with a picture if you are a blogger with the logo, a link to person who passed it to you and to this post if you like for reference.

2. If you don’t blog, do share the recipe with the friend who gave it to you or post it as a guest post on someone you know who blogs.

3. Pass on a “surprise ingredient” to two or more friends, one of whom must preferably an active blogger.We all want to have some fun together right?
Since this is starting here in India we request all Indian bloggers or those who’d like to be a part of this chain to show themselves up - we’ll ensure you get to be part of the fun.

Co-ordination is a requirement and a necessity to bring the bloggers together.Srivalli and myself have decided to keep a track of the donors and recipients on the go, as far as we can.

Feel free to recognise yourselves, if you an active blogger residing in India, to drop a comment in this announcement post or in the comment box link down here, to be a part of the chain..

The ribbons are cut and arusuvai is moving on…from the Southern tip of the country, creeping up to the North…

Be a part!!Have fun!!Good Luck!!..


  1. lovely concept:) u girls have fun and make us J ;)

  2. Thats a nice post!...waiting to see what that surprise ingredient is and what you are going to prepare out of it!..

  3. I am jealous.....yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    I loved the concept..great going.......Will wait for what ur surprise ingredient is.....:-))

  4. Lovely concept. Have fun guys. Waiting for the surprise ingredient.

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  6. gr8 concept. hopefully somebody in us starts it too. ..anyways waiting for ur surprise.

  7. Good that you posted the announcement in your blog too!:)) You are real lucky dear! you will know why I say so on saturday or sunday!:))
    BTW, very curious to know why Bhags comment has been deleted?

  8. waiting for the surprise....hope she doesnt use the address from the envelope...thats an invalid address...:(

  9. yay!! we have a surprise element event too!! i want to be part of this too!!

  10. nice post bharathy,i'am eagerly waiting for the ingredient

  11. HI bharathy,
    lovely concept:)eagerly waiting for the suprise

  12. Me too am JEALOUS.
    Enjoy ladies from India.

  13. Bharathy dear, your packets will reach by tomorrow afternoon. send a mailas soon as you receive!:))

  14. Hmm i am too feeling jealous abt u all in India...>:-(

  15. hey ! why confine it only to india? there are so many of us out here who want to be part of the fun :(...

  16. Too bad that some of us are left out here. Anyway, have fun gals.

  17. bharathy, what as nice event! waiting to be part of it.. :))
    i will send you the photos as soon as possible. today is my birthday. i was a bit too busy these days.

  18. My friend, Please!

    Send an email to the Brazil embassj your country and repor the injustice that the brazilian courts are making with this girl

    Thank you

    The resignation is to stop the evolution. (David Santos in times without end)

    David Santos

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  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Yipeee - I always used to be J of the blogger friends aborad who had access to all those wonderful ingredients, now its time to make them J abut this new chain that we have here. I am sure they will take cue n start one of their own!!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Thanks for your comment, Bharathy. What a lovely idea. Do count me in.

  24. Hi Bharathy,
    just saw your mail when I was deleting spam - hence could not reply earlier...have recd secret ingredient from Raaga and will send one soon to Madhuli (Nashik) - I have been unwell for the last few days so will organise the courier in a day or so....great effort!
    Cya around then.

  25. hei..was part of this the previous time and through sayantini came to know of this one...i am game...count me in...


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