Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spicy Baby Potatoes

In T.N baby potatoes are available almost year round while I still wonder to have never stumbled upon these cuties in my native place.

The magic of these spiced up potaoes is that, this goes well with almost all main dishes; be them Chappathis, Plain rice with Sambhar, Dhal, Theiyal or any kuzhambu or even with plain Curd rice..

The “hit-dish” in my family is named as Kutty Urulai Kara Curry , somewhere between a dry and a semi dry one.

Today I served this as an added dry side dish for peas pulao and cauliflower gravy.

Sia, here’s my Ode to Potato. It's already raining pototoes in the blogosphere for you and this is just a droplet!!!..

And before I get in to the recipe, I would like to sincerely thank Chithra for honouring me with the Excellent Award for this blog...very sweet of you, dear :)...

... now, back to the recipe..

You need:
Baby potatoes –1/4 kg
Oil-2 tbsps
Mustard seeds and urad dal-to temper
Big onions-diced to small pieces-1/2-3/4 cup
Garlic- minced fine-1/2 tsp(optional)
Sambhar powder-a spoonful and a half
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
Water-2 tbsps
Salt-to taste
Curry leaves –A sprig

1. Wash the potatoes.Pressure cook till 2-3 whistles.Peel when cooled down and transfer to a broad bowl.Let the potatoes be rightly cooked not too hard, not too soft.

2. Add the powders(sambhar, turmeric and salt) sprinkle water.Mix well to get the powders coated to the potatoes.Marinate for at least half an hour.

3. Heat oil in a wide non-stick Kadai.Splutter mustards,brown the urad dal,fry the onions and garlic till transparent.

4. Throw in the curry leaves and add the marinated potatoes.Mix well.Keep the flame to medium.Spinkle more water if necessary.When the curry gets really hot, lower the flame.

5. Cook open without a lid.When the water gets absorbed mix well.Check salt and let it get toasted for about 15-20 minutes.

6. Remove from fire when the spices are all coated well the potatoes acquire a deep brown colour with that toasted spicy finish. Serve hot.

The same dish with diced 'regular' potatoes and less onions. Served with steamed white rice, sambhar and rasam..

1. Regular potatoes can also be used to make this dish. Pressure cook them with skin sliced to big chunks, peel off the skin once cooked and cooled and dice them to bite sized pieces and follow the above methods of preparation.

2. Instead of Sambhar powder you can use a mixture of ¾ tsp coriander powder + ¼ tsp jeera powder + 1/2 tsp chilly power. But sambhar powder gives the best balanced taste.

3. Play along with powders like curry masala, garam masala or a combo to get a varied taste preferably for Chapathis, Rotis, Pulao etc.


  1. this looks so spicy and yummy! isn't it achu's fave?

  2. Nice, this recipe. I also sent in some baby potatoes for the event.

  3. yay... all u girls step aside, bharathy has cooked it just for me;) thanks gorl for this delicious entry:)
    by the way, i could see just that 1st pic. is it only me having prob?

  4. The baby potatoes indeed look very cute Bharathy and the dish looks amazingly yummy!..:D.. will try this with regular ones soon.



  5. When i saw the pic i said wow. Looks delicious.
    If you are serving up food like the one in the last pic i am comming over ;)

  6. Almost looks like meat dish, very nice B, thanks for posting!:)

  7. Delicious looking dish Bharathy.....I never tried this with sambar powder...will try this like Asha said this looks like a meat dish

  8. Now that looks heavenly..perfect...

  9. What a coincidence - I sent uralai roast this week to Sia's event too! These look quite delicious!

  10. I love baby potatoes cooked this way...yummmy :-)

  11. These spicy baby potatoes would be an all time hit..Delicious!!

  12. looks so tasty and spicy...yummy

  13. My husband and my brother they love potato!! I will surely try this ..Pics are just awesome

  14. ellavareeyum kodippichu vayaru veedana onnum varaathirunnal mathi....
    congrats on the award dear!
    you deserve it for sure....
    i have not seen baby potatoes here ...:(

  15. wonderful, spicy baby potatoes. Looks lovely! Congrats on the award.

  16. Yummy,spicy potato bharathy!love these..must try

  17. The potatoes look spicy and mouthwatering..

  18. I want some NOW!!! Fantastic, Bharathy! :) Congrats on the well deserved award!

  19. nice entry bharathy..potatoes looks spicy & yummy.

  20. WOW!! Those potatoes look lip smacking...delicious!

  21. those potatoes look mouth watering barathi

  22. You have me drooling, can bet if you were living anywhere near me, you'd find me dropping in for some of those yummo potatoes all the time.
    I just read your previous got to sample SK's you.

  23. Potato looks spicy and yummy.I am a new blogger .Pls visit my blog

  24. Potato looks spicy and yummy.I am a new blogger .Pls visit my blog

  25. Looks lovely Bharathy and congrats on your award! Its really lucky that you had Sanjeev kapoor at ur place! Enjoy!

  26. They look so good! Would love to have them with plain rice and Dal. Comfort food!

  27. Bharathy i was looking to you gobi manchurian recipie.
    Normally i know they serve it directly after preparing it.
    I have guest comming weekend and some 10 pp, so lot to do, so can i prepare this in the afternoon and reheat it in the evening and give them. Does it go soggy??
    Don't want to stand near the hot wok with oil when the guest are here. I am trying to prepare everything earlier and serve them
    Didnt find a mail id here otherwise i would have maile you

  28. Hi bharathy Thanks for the reply yousend me about the manchurian.
    I am sure going to make it and will let you know how it went.
    I showed the picture of your dishto my hubby and he absloutley want me to make it.
    Thankx again.

  29. bharathy..thanks for compliments..i thought of leaving a word to visit my blog..then i left it sounded childish.

    kuzhi paniyaram was really tasting good..that was the second time..i prepared.

    i tried this potato poriyal really inspire me to cook.

  30. Wow, Bharathy, a combo of potatoes and sambar powder is so inviting. Is that the fabulous world-known Bharathy´s sambhar powder? nice :-)

  31. hey bharathy how was the rasgullas?hope u enjoyed the rasgullas as much as we did:)))

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  33. hey ,
    innu njaan itu undaakki....:)
    we had a couple of guests ....and the vessel in almost wiped clean...
    thanks dear...:)
    hope you are keeping well *hugs*

  34. Hi Bharathy,
    Very nice potato curry. Thanks for sharing.

  35. a hit parade indeed!! the potatoes does look delicious and i will try it soon.nice adaptation.

  36. I tried this today :) loved it!

  37. Bharathy dear,
    I too tried,it came out awesome!!Check it out here
    Hehe...U caught me there!!!

  38. * I meant u caught me in ur sis blog...

  39. Hai bharathy potatoes looks very spicy nd yummyyyyy thank u for this wonderful recipe...

  40. looks yummy..must try this..


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