Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back after a quick visit from...

I was searching for some nice 'postable' 'sweet recipes' in my drafts for the first post of the year...(lazy to make..shoot..and post a fresh one..;)) and failed to find even a single one!.

So until I get ready with my next post, let me share this sweeter experience with you guys..:)...
...err absolutely no other choice for the time being..

My husband n me are just back after a quick n short second visit, last week.
It was last September we holidayed relaxingly in Dubai with my brother.

We weren't lucky enough to visit Burj Khalifa, the tallest buiding in the world which got inaugurated just a fortnight ago, as there was a long queue almost all the time..

A much familiar building in the city for all of us..:) Burj Al Arab; "Tower of the Arabs"or the "Arab Sail".The second tallest building in the world, used exclusively as a luxury hotel.

From its humble beginnings in 1996 as a small site by the Creek where little kiosks sold products from different countries, Dubai Global Village has grown into a huge crowd-puller. This is now the star attraction of the popular Dubai Shopping Festival.Huge pavilions from around 40 countries are at the heart of Dubai Global Village, bringing together diverse world cultures selling native food, goods and handicrafts.

I savoured Shawarma, from the Mexican food counter instead, desperately craving for some chillies and spices in them :)..

..that ended up extra spicy and could no longer wait to dig my tongue into a few these Arabian Sweets..:).

The Mighty Indian Pavilion in Global Village :)

A Srilankan artist(outside their pavilion), attracted a huge crowd by this unusual method of spray painting the face..

of a live model!.The Crowd was amused to see his exceptional talent!!..

The Arabian spreads-Muthabe (baked egg plant with yogurt, lime and cumin) tasted better for me than Hummus (made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic).

Tabouleh, the much popular and healthier green salad of the Arabs.

The Next day,..

..we hurried on our way to Ibn Battuta Mall,(they claim this to be the world's largest theme shopping mall)

straight to The Grand Megaplex Cinemas located in the China Court ... watch Avatar (go for the ultimate Imax 3D experience.Believe me it's worth every cent!)

After the huge tub of popcorn in the theatre we found this cute place just outside(still in the China court of the lovely Battuta Mall)

They use a frozen granite slab to blend mix-in toppings into the ice cream..

...oh yeah...they ask you to choose your desired ones from the array of (all sorts of) fruits,(all sorts of) nuts,(all sorts of) chocolates and (all sorts of) cookies :)..eventually confusing you..;)

but we found a great deal of happiness within 'this' :)...

At times the main delight follows the dessert.

The grand finale was marked by fine dining Arabic food at magnificent Atlantis of Palm Jumeirah..
[Sorry no pics of my 'Pigging out' in there...;) ;)]

Bye for now till I meet you guys with a nice-lovely-recipe-post..;) ;)...soon ;)....


  1. Hi welcome back and u have put up in detail all pictures regarding Dubai wich r very nice to see for a resident of dubai like me.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time in dubai. Oh i do wish i was htere especially for expirencing the food.

  3. happy new year! u really had a wonderful time from the look of it.. the marble stone creamery is a take off on "cold stone creamery" here but the experience is fun, isin't it? i like the look of the burj arab a lot more.

  4. lovely pics! i can't wait to get there and shop shop SHOP sometime soon :D

  5. Great post dear! Lovely pictures too!!!

  6. Nice to know that u had gr8 time out there....

  7. Lovely pix. I felt like I was actually visiting all those places through your post.

  8. Lovely pics, must visit Dubai now.

  9. grt photography...U almost took me to Dubai with those pics.

  10. Nice pictures.. very classic.
    Now i want to eat that bowl of icecream.. its been so long since i tasted ice cream from corner house.. my fav ice cream shop till date :)

  11. Thanks for taking us there ;)

    I loved the night shots especially :)

  12. Welcome back!!! Nice to see the post infact no one can ask for a better post than yours as the first one of the year!!!

  13. Olá, amiga!
    Voltei para rever seu cantinho e as novidades...
    Belíssimas fotos!!!
    Bom fim de semana!
    Itabira - Brasil


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