Friday, August 27, 2010

Cherupayar (Whole Green Gram) Payasam

It was a rainy Sunday morning while my aunt visited us with a container of this hot payasam.I was in Kottayam nursing mom, then.
The Payasam that was served immediately in large bowls, tasted heaven!!..the cooked cherupayar melting in mouth with flavourful coconut milk and sweetness of jaggery with that distinct aroma of Kerala cuisine, the bits of coconut pieces to compliment...

I finished my bowl of payasam, hurried out for another bowl I could grab from the kitchen, flowers from the garden, saree from mom's wardrobe, bronze pan, camera and I was all set. :)..Click..Click...

So what next? write down the recipe! ;)

I found my aunt already in her level 2 conversation( progression to a serious mode from the lighter level 1 form;)) with my parents but couldn't help pestering her for the recipe.. ;)..after all a dad's sis can always be taken for granted, right? ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Onam. Belated Greetings to you all!
I know I am a little late to post this delicacy, which I meant to post for the day.
They say; better late than never!

so here's it..

Get ready with:

Whole Green Gram(Cheru payar)- 1 cup
Jaggery- 250 gm
Coconut milk- 4 cups
Cashew nuts, broken into halves and fried in ghee- a few
Coconut sliced into small pieces, fried in ghee -1 tsp
Cardamom powder- to flavour

How to Make it:

Fry the whole green gram in a hot pan. Cook the gram in 4 cups (more or less) of boiling water. In the meanwhile, boil and melt jaggery in 1/4 cup of water in a sauce pan. Cool and strain so as to remove the impurities. Keep aside.

When the gram has cooked soft, add the above jaggery syrup. Simmer the mixture until it turns thicker stirring all the while taking care not to burn the bottom. Remove from fire and mix in the coconut milk. Add the coconut pieces and cashew nuts. Bring it to a slow boil and turn off immediately not to let it simmer.Stir in the cardamom powder.

Serve warm Cherupayar Payasam with Onasadya.

The Payasam tastes great when chilled too (well, I love it this way :))


  1. I love this payasom, mom used to make this a lot. Looks so so yumm B

  2. I love this one..looks delish....nice pics

  3. Parkka Super a irukku! flowers, saree, ellam grand look kodukkuthu. Nice Pics!!

  4. Ya me too second lavi,the props makes the dish look more rich and divinely!Super click Bharathy!
    I love this payasam very much for its texture and flavor!

  5. Cheru payar payasam is something new to me..I always make it with moong dal,but not with whole moong!!Looks drool worthy!!Belated Onam wishes to you!!

  6. I have never had this dish, but it looks really yummy

  7. payasam looks simply awesome.. beautiful presentation.. thanks for sharing !!

  8. Payasam with cherupayar is new to me. I always make with the paruppu. I will surely remember to try it with payar next time.

    Beautiful presentation.

  9. Lovely payasam..looks yumm n creamy

  10. Aha ur payasam makes me drool that I forgot to have a glance at the bangles...I saw it only after reading ur FB msg.....payasam ena vera engayum paka vidala....romba nala iruku :)

  11. I am not a big fan of this payasam, but absolutely love your pic.

  12. Beautiful click, payasam looks super delicious..

  13. Looks healthy & delicious..interesting recipe

  14. New to to try one day ! love your pics the way you used your benglas...

  15. Great picture and presentation Bharathy...Cherupayar payasam was my mom's fav payasam... but me and my bro were not a big fan of payasams... so my mom's sis used to make it for her often...this post took me back to lot of memories dear...

  16. Love the presentation...lovely dish..

  17. first time here,really amazing blog,love to follow ur recipes...
    do visit mine if time permits...

  18. hi
    first time here. lovely clicks, following you

  19. Lovely payasam dear!!! Juz visiting ur blog and u have wonderful collection of recipes adding u to my blog list. :-)

  20. this is my favourite payasam..pakshe whenever i make it it never tastes like mom's payasam.:-(so aa payasam undakkal niruthi:)))
    pinne hindu contest pic onnu forward cheyoo..
    bharathy oru star aayallo:)

  21. Wonderful payasam and for the right festival...

  22. u know what, this is my most fave payasam.....even thoiugh it gives me some nasty troubles!u made me drool bjharathy!

  23. Wonderful payasam! looks delicious!

  24. Thank you for visiting my blog and for a lovely comment Bharathy. This healthy payasam looks so yummy. Love your space too.

  25. I've never had this type of payasam...sounds very unique and tasty.

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