Friday, January 7, 2011

Guess the root vegetable :)

Location- S. Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai.

You can see fresh green pepper in the farther end, the street seller weighing for me :)

Now, friends, can you guess the root vegetable in the basket?
...and again what I made with this light brown colored root veggie along with the fresh green peppers? :)

Clue - towards the spicier side :)


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  2. Oh! Lavi..Keep it coming pls :)

  3. First I though fresh tumeric roots we call KACHI HARDAR and another one AMBA HARDAR...?

  4. yucca? ISn't that what they call kappa?

  5. Am leaning towards Inji or Maa Inji. Green Peppers... first time ever. Eager to know what the recipe was...
    Btw cudnt catch up on ur posts during the holidays so u will see some late comments coming in :D

  6. Fresh Turmeric there rae two types the white one and the orange one I think this is the white one.

  7. it's maahani! pickle has a unique flavor!

  8. oops sorry i thought i shld guess the one under the green pepper. The light brown one is manga inji!

  9. Inddee ginger for sure, I am certain, hopefully ;-)

  10. Mainji, did you make thokku with it? OR with just salt and green fav???

  11. its mango ginger for sure..and I think the recipe is going to be a pickle

  12. without doubt manga inji.But makali a irrukumo

  13. This is Manga Ingi and we make a fresh pickle in brine with green peppercorns and slices of Mango Ginger. Lucky you!


  14. Lavi, you were right, though :)

    Jag, I am not sure abt the Hindi name of it..:(..did you mean turmeric?

    Ann...:)..sorry sweetie..:)

    Papillon, there you are!!absolutely right guess!! :)

    Meera, believe me or not, I missed you tons! hope you doing great and nice to hear from you, girl!
    'inji or ma inji' a bit wide guess.. lol!..both are different right?..:D

  15. Welcome to my space, :)..I'm sorry abt your guess, dearie :(

    Priya, are those dark brown ones mahani?(we call it mahali kizhangu )..i dint know it was mahali until you mentioned!!wow!! ..You are right with your guess, buddy! Smart!! :)

    You too are right, Harini :)

    Inddee Ginger, now what's that, HC ?? mean Indian ginger?? lol!!

    Cilantro you are right, too :)..wait a bit till I post, girl :)

    Sumi, you have hit the pot!! Daaang!!:D

    Jeyashri, are there..:)..stop thinking too much, lady :)

    ? ,again, that was some Smart guess!

    Right, Sailaja! :)

    Inji illaiye, Kurinji :)

  16. Did u make pickle with it? I have one posted on my blog with manga inji and green peppercorns and tomorrow I am planning to make another kind of pickle. Looking forward to see what you make.

  17. It is ma-inji. I am very sure of this..


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