Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maa Inji - Pachai milagu Oorugai / Pickled Mango-ginger with Green pepper!

Most of you had guessed it right :) but Mango-ginger is surprisingly unfamiliar to many, the humble root vegetable which belongs to the Ginger family has a bursting combo of the flavours of fresh raw mango and ginger!

I got introduced to this interesting vegetable in Tamil Nadu by my ma in law from whom I learnt this simple, guilt free, yet a much addictive pickle.

Cheers to Cilantro, Sumi and ? again who guessed the dish absolutely right as 'Pickle' :)

You Need:

Ma inji / Mango-ginger- peeled and cut - 1 cup
Fresh green pepper- 1/3 cup
Lime juice -2 tbsps
Red chilly powder- 1tbsp
Salt-a tspful or as needed
Gingelly oil- a tbsp
Mustard seeds- 1/4 tsp
Asafoetida-a fat pinch
Curry leaves- a few (optional-I avoided them)
Hot water- 1/4 cup scant


Scrape away the thin skin of the mango-ginger. Wash and dry using a clean towel.Slice them into rounds and then across resembling 'half moons' as in the picture.The bigger half moons can again be sliced into two if needed.

Wash the green pepper with the stalks. Dry using the clean towel. Divide each stalk into smaller pieces with your fingers by careful pinches. A few corns may drop off from the stalks and do not worry about it. Dry well.

Heat oil in a small kadai, splutter the mustard seeds, stir in the asafoetida and the curry leaves followed by the red chilly powder. Be careful with the flame. I generally put off the stove at this stage to control the heat, acting on the chilly powder.Throw in the mango-ginger slices along with the green pepper. Let the flame be minimum to medium now and stir well to combine. Add salt and lime juice. Mix in hot water to add to the liquid part of the pickle.

Transfer maa inji - milagu oorugai in a clean dry ceramic container or a glass jar and refrigerate to keep well.

Enjoy with rice and curd :)


  1. Aw looks so bright and colorful. Sure tongue tickling pickle

  2. My fav.. Bharathy...
    We call it manga ingy !!!! Can have tons with curd rice..

  3. Glad my other blog is working on the motive its made for :)
    Give it a shot .. and ping me if u need any help too...

  4. Pickle making is not an easy task.. Bharathy.. you are a star.. .cutting them into equal pieces... and seasoning ...

    I love them ya... I m just too lazy to make them myself. .rather will pick from amma'a / patty's fridge during my India visits :)

    Have a gr8 weekend.

  5. Mouthwatering tangy pickle! Loved the last click :-)

  6. mango pickle is prepared in my home too without the green pepper ... i will try your version too ... looks so colorful and tangy


  7. Gorgeous pickle dear...Love the tongue tickling pickle...:)


  8. I usually prepare maa-inji pickle like this but the addition of green pepper is a nice idea..

  9. Absolutely delicious. Fantastic clicks.

  10. I like your pickle jar....and the pickle, of course....

  11. we only make chutneys with mango ginger or am-ada as we call it. love this spicier variation.
    between we are having a lot of green peppers here. in what other dishes can we use it other than pickling?

  12. I am happy that I guessed it right, lovely pickle. I just love the taste of Mainji with curd rice, never had them with the peppers though.

  13. love the pickle, When I was in college I used to take bottles of similar type of pickle (kind of Thokku) with Mangainji from home and we used to snack on it with bread on the midnight hour..:)

  14. Mouth watering pickle!!! Never heard or eat we get this in Kerala?

  15. Pickles are best... we get maa inji very rarely here and only once did i attempt to make the pickle(thanks to mil)..loved the taste of it. Yours seems absolutely delectable. Btw love the jaadi as well... y dont u take pictures of ur utensils, containers and post them.. wud be interesting :)

  16. Mouth watering:-)
    Please do collect your award from my space.

  17. Looks colourful & mouthwatering pickle.

  18. Tasting of mago this i have never tried, love the dish looks so so good. Drool

  19. Omg, those pickles tempts me a lot, feel like having some..

  20. U are literally killing me with those tempting clicks esp the first one.I love to have this with curd rice.Am going to go drool over it again...

  21. my favourite pickle to have with curd rice.

  22. Wow,sounds so yummy! I hate inji except this maa inji,mouthwatering pickle!

  23. everything i love abt nadan peppers and ginger! wish i cud say i will try it.. can only forward it to my mom.:)

  24. i like to have sellers of pachaimilagu and mangai inji

  25. i like to have sellers of pachaimilagu and mangai inji


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