Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meringue Mushrooms

I was literally carried away by the cute looking creative Meringue Mushrooms but ultimately gave up participating January's Sweet Punch after my umpteen attempts of bringing them into perfect shape.

When piped out they were rather bubbly than frothy, yet stood well in shape and came out light, pristine white, but too brittle once baked. I still can't make out where I went a bit wrong :)

Is it because I avoided using cream of tartar suggested in the recipe or the oven which took double the time of slow baking as suggested ?

Deciding to avoid applying melted chocolate to base of the buttons, I carried on clicking, stopping my son who eagerly reached out to grab them :)

When I hurriedly settled down to check the pictures in my PC, how they had turned out, I had to shout at him to leave them undisturbed until I confirmedthe clarity of the pictures but as soon as I got back to click more, the mushrooms had disappeared! :)

The Final Verdict- 'The-not-so-perfect-looking-mushroom-meringues' tasted puurfect and made us happy :)


  1. It is much better if they taste good than taste bad and look good.

  2. hey these cute looking mushrooms calls out to me! i so wanna try this out !

  3. I feel they still look cute :)

  4. Teh cream of tartar helps stablize the egg whites and that might be the reason for the texture. They still look adorable! :-)

  5. Bharathy nice attempt.. even though the texture is different still it holds good mushroom shape. Beautifully done dear. IF you say ok shall I suggest one thing. To my opinion its not needed to add the salt or cream of tartar(its egg stabilizer). Just a tsp of cornstarch. First beat the egg until very little soft peaks are formed and then add sugar beat until stiff peak are formed the meringu has to shine. Then Pipe it out and slow bake it .

  6. super cute : ) and very good attempt

  7. Bharathy Its definetly a nice attempt! i want to taste it, so am going to give it a try!

  8. They look so cute and adorable :-)

  9. looks awesome and cute and inviting.

  10. Nice attempt Bharathy... there is a Snow Ball(Meringue Cookies)recipe in my blog...that doesnt need cream of tarter...instead of cream of tarter cornflour and vinegar used in that recipe...try that and see if its coming out nicely...

  11. Nice attempt Bharathy, looks cute..

  12. Gr8 attempt bharathy... They look sooo cute.. Dunno if I will get it right anytime....

  13. They look good Bharathi. I couldnt make them this time!

  14. They look so cute....love to munch them..:)


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