Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parippu Vada

As you may know, Parippu vada is a well known teatime snack with a hot cuppa chaya in Kerala!

The crispy outsides and the chewy insides bitten into, wandering across your palate ultimately melting in your mouth alternated with the hot sip of chaya is irresistible not only to a Keralite but to anyone!

So, to make this simple and tasty snack,

You need:

Yellow split peas dal (pattani/peas parippu) - 1 cup
Shallots- 5-6 chopped
Ginger, minced- a tsp
Green chillies- 2
Curry leaves- a few
Asafoetida/kayapodi- 2 fat pinches
Oil- 1 cup, more or less; to deep fry


Wash and soak the dal for4 hours. Drain and pulse to a coarse paste in your mixie/blender along with the chillies ( instead of pulsing along you may even mince them and add it as such when you mix in ginger bits, onions curry leaves etc, if you like biting into the chilly bits ) and salt without or using minimum water. You can reserve 2 tsps of soaked dal and mix it along to the mixture after pulsing. Mix in minced ginger along with finely cut onions and chopped curry leaves, asafoetida and shape into round patties on your left palm with your right hand fingers.

Heat oil in a kadai and drop 3 patties one by one at a time, carefully.(Do not over crowd them as you may find it difficult to get them out in perfect shape and texture).
Flip them over after a few seconds, once they acquire a light golden brown hue and cook the other side.

Turn over again until they are cooked and attain a deeper golden yellow/brown colour.
Place them on a plate lined with a paper napkin to drain off excess oil.

Serve hot vadas with piping hot Chaya on a rainy evening :)

Note- I substituted 1/2 big onion, sliced, for shallots since I love the flavour of deeply fried thin n long onion strips embedded over the crispy vadas. Yet, small onions are suggested! :)

Paruppu vadai is a delicacy snack in Tamil Nadu as well, but calls for kadalai paruppu(bengal gram dal) or thuaram paruppu (thuar dal) or even both, rathen than the pattani paruppu here! Will post the recipe some time later :)

This recipe is submitted to Kerala Kitchen.


  1. Lovely vadai...looks very crispy n nice golden color...Just now had my tea looking at ur vada's..hmm...:(

  2. I have the biggest craving for Parippu vada now..the vadas look so crispy..I.want.now!!!

  3. Perfect crispy vadas out there!

  4. Would love to hav these vada with that chaya ..doesn't mind the rain ..

  5. Vada looks very nice,just the way it has to be,love it,my MIL and mom makes the same way :) Simple yet great tasting vadas!

  6. O M G such crispy and tempting vadas, please keep some for me as it is my favourite. We make crispy aama vadais with dal.

  7. I just wanna grab the plate....Too damn tempting...;)

  8. I want dew of them last time i had this was when we were in train. Yumm.

  9. Perfect vada.."parippu vada pakkuvada...nammude vayil chadapada pada..."Never tried with pattani though..love the color :-)

  10. Can have these crispies anytime,soo tempting..

  11. Nice, crunchy looking vadas. I always add onions to mine, not shallots.

  12. Yummy looking vadas, first time in this lovely space. You have lots of yummy collection of recipes.

  13. heard lot about this,stil to try,looks so yum

  14. I tried this yesterday and it came out nice.
    Thank You for the recipe

  15. hey...vada luks awesome yaar...appa..i typed a comment without error...

  16. tomorrow evening I am going to make them! enough of drooling!

  17. Oh Bharathy, I have been drooling over these for weeks now! Thanks so much for sending these beauties over to Kerala Kitchen!Am posting the incredible roundup soon!


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