Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photo of the Week ~The Calm woods of Kolli Hills

I have bragged enough and more about the ancestral home in the village located at the foot of the historical Kolli Hills of Tamil Nadu :).

Soon after the Pongal feast, this year, we ; my in-laws, parents and myself, headed uphill for a day.

What you see here is just a section of the calm woods kissing the sky with the simple home garden towards the front, outside the house we stayed up the hill.


  1. part of the pic, looks like National Flag! love the colours!

  2. really i didnt belive for a second this is namma ooru ! u got me hooked and am planning to make a trip to this mountain range soon !lovely click !~

  3. I have been to kolli hills once,love that place,but the travel is very scary for me if I see the deep bends and curves! Love the waterfalls there!

  4. Never heard about this spot before. Looks very picturesque! Lovely to be here, Bharathy, though a bit late I suppose, came here from FB. Shall explore more about the recipes out here.

    Lite Bite

  5. beautiful picture.... i thought it was some foreign country..... after reading its from tamilnadu, then realised that you were saying about kollimalai..... simply great.....

  6. beautiful picture. never been to this place but very calming click indeed.

  7. Hi Bharathy

    So Sorry I just saw your comment. Would have loved to have your dishes over. Why don't you send in your entries to next months Kerala Kitchen round up? It will be hosted By Ria of Ria's collections

    The round up for this month has just been posted


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