Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photo of the Week ~ Start of a new series!

Stare. It is the way to educate your eye, and more. Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long. - Walker Evans

Photo of the Week is a new series which I had wanted to start for a long time; the casual shots which my humble camera badly wants to bring forth in Spicy Chilly, the ones which get unnoticed among the regular stream of food fotos; happy moments, nature, street shots or even house ware, subjects are countless!

Hope you would enjoy the 'off track' food posts in this of mine, for a change, as I do.

Again, today marks another year since the author of this blog was introduced to this wonderful world. Hope she will be able to carry the series successfully till the same day, next year, with all your ardent support and love, which you continue to shower on her!


The picture was taken on Pongal day, just before the prayers, with the invisible pots of sakkarai and pal pongal in the background :)


  1. New Year,New it:):) Way to go dear!!!!
    Wanted to Wish you first on your special day :)... Whish you a very very happy Birthday dear... Enjoy!!!!

  2. Nice...I'm looking forward to the pictures :))

  3. Nice Picture! looking forward for the series!

    Happy Anniversary to Spicy Chilly!!!!

  4. So you have decided ...pic is nice ...looking fwd to series

  5. Happy blog anniversary Bharathy. lovely idea to share our lives and cultures this way. await your next entries.

  6. A beautiful pic...!Got to know of ur blog thru divyascookbook & glad i did visit!! U have a wonderful collection of recipes here & now ur happy follower...:)

  7. Happy blog anniversary Bharathi, beautiful capture..

  8. happy blog anniversary .....
    Lovely click :)

  9. Congragulations, and i an so looking forward to the pictures here every week.

  10. congrats dear... snap is really good.. :)

  11. Congrats!! Good luck with the photo series!!

  12. Great series and great pic Sis!! Keep it coming :)

    PS: Did you get my email?

  13. I missed it to type the word blog*....lil pasi mayakkam,but read ur post for sure.. :)

  14. Great idea! I always enjoy seeing any kind of photography posted on someone's food blog :)

  15. First of all big hugsssssss to you and wish you a very special birthday dear :) Sorry for the delay. Just missed it :( Hope you had a great day!!

    So here comes the most awaited pic of the week series :) I am really eager to see your lovely clicks :)

    Love the first one already. Semma mangalagaramana start :) Love that manjal kungumam plate. Super ah irukku :)

    All the best :) and waiting to see more and more :)

  16. Happy Birthday!

    And I see I'm not the only one mistaken about what 'versary it is! ;)

    I saw the words blog, author, wonderful world, introduction and immediately assumed you were saying it's another year since this blog and its author were introduced to this wonderful world of bloggers :)

  17. I am overwhelmed by the response here!!
    Tight hugs to all of you,sweet Girls!!!! :)

  18. Happy Anniversary. First time here, you have great space.

    Saraswathi Iyer
    Sara's Corner


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