Saturday, February 5, 2011

POTW ~ When I clicked Damu @ 02:39:08

You might be aware of the news of Chef Damodaran who had set a new Guiness World Record for 'Longest cooking Marathon--Individual'

Under the watchful eyes of the judges and television cameras, I had a tough time clicking him around!

This picture is my favourite among a few, I managed to shoot on the special day!


  1. Thats definitely a great click..

  2. Wow - I wasn't aware of this marathon!! Do let us know whether he achieved it.

  3. Can't stop admiring the feat! Lucky you could take a pic.

  4. Wow.. he is just too amazing :)

    Its a brilliant click :)

  5. superb click and i love this guy..gr8 chef

  6. Wow, never heard of him before. But, that is surely an achievement.

  7. You are quite the celebrity urself huh? Awesome.. must have been a great experience ;)

  8. I watch some of his shows on the net. My mother-in-law always talks about his recipes. I was`nt aware of his marathon effort.

  9. Waw! I have seen his shows, how long did he cook? I esp love the size of his tummy:)

  10. good info, nice to fallow you

  11. wow...loved your space...first time have a excellent collection here..I m following you dear..:D
    drop in at my blog sometime.
    Tasty appetite


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