Thursday, August 4, 2011

Homemade Donuts

The first thing I made back home after the holiday in US were donuts! We had been munching on these cuties almost everyday as a part of the American breakfast whether in an inn, hotel or the cruise. Even in Seattle we couldn't stop hunting for the famous Top Pot to try out these.

While on a google search, Swapna who was around in g-talk suggested to try out  her method which she'd blogged.

Her recipe was fool proof ! The measurements were perfect and even a first timer like me could come out of the perfect donuts!

I could make 12 medium sized Donuts
Adapted verbatim from Swapna's Cuisine!


Sugar-1 tsp
Yeast-1 tsp ( I used Fleischmann's active dry yeast )
Warm Milk- 1/2 cup
Dissolve sugar and yeast in warm milk and leave to rise.

Maida- 2cups
Butter 1 tbsp
Sugar- 3 tsp
Egg yolk-2 nos

Oil- to deep fry


Make a dough of all the ingredients with the yeast mixture and leave on a greased tray for 1 hour, allowing it to rise to double its size.
Knead once again and roll out as thick as at least a centimeter and cut into doughnuts. Gather and knead the wastes and shape into donuts till you use up the dough. Arrange them on a greased tray leaving one inch gap in between and cover with a light kitchen towel. Keep aside  for 1 hour. Let them rise.

Heat oil in a wok. Let the oil be not too hot or smoky. Very hot oil, browns the exterior and leaves the insides uncooked.
Taking care of the temperature of the oil, slide the donuts one by one carefully and deep fry.  Dust with icing sugar or dip them into chocolate sauce (recipe follows) while warm.

Chocolate Sauce:


Water-1/4 cup
Sugar-1/4 cup


Place cocoa, water and sugar in a small container and mix it without forming lumps. Keep it on a slow flame until it becomes thick and coats the back of a spoon.

I realised making homemade donuts are super easy.

Take my word, they never cheat coz they're simply innocent!! :)


  1. Thank you so much dear for trusting and trying this recipe!!!! Your's has come out really well and love all the pics.... next what Cinnamon pull aparts alle ? ;);)

  2. Bharathi, homemade donuts looks so authentic, donuts and cappuchino notin beats this combination

  3. Yummy & even-better-than-bakery doughnuts!!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  4. Doughnuts look AWESOME!I remember you mentioning about these on Fb.Spectacular!

  5. Your innocent doughnuts are teasing me :P infact wooing me :D too much they are. I choose the Soft, dark and handsome :D

    Lovely clicks. The back light is doing a magic :)

  6. droolworthy,awesome and perfectly made donuts.

  7. The donuts look perfect! Loved the clicks especially the third one :-)

  8. Wow...these look perfect soft and delicious...beautiful clicks...

  9. oh my my yummy these look...iwant i want

  10. wow, how nicely done, perfect shape and great texture :)

  11. wow they do seem foolproof. look lovely and the texture has come out so well!!

  12. Wow,clicks are so calming and treat for eyes, love the tea pot in the BG..Never tasted doughnuts before,yummy!

  13. the click says it all. Great effort

  14. wow..awesome...we love doughnuts..will try this

  15. I am definitely trying this out. Will let you know how it turns out. The donuts look mouthwateringly good.

  16. Yummy tempting donuts....perfected to the core

  17. yummy awesome n clicks r so temtping.. love it bookmarked..

  18. Wow! It looks delicious.Thanks for sharing the recipe. Please post more recipes. Thanks! paint melbourne

  19. they looks absolutely professional...very very yummy

  20. Mmm delicious ,my son gonna luv these

  21. doughnuts look superb n nice..would love 2 grab one..:)

  22. OMG.. look at those circles of sinful indulgences. Three years and counting in the USA and i have never laid a hand on doughnuts and because of you am ready to make them at home :):) Lovely pictures.
    Btw a harrods kettle at the edge of the table...tsk tsk

  23. WOW.Wonderful pictures.Your photos shows ur prefection.GREATTTTT.


  25. cheers..Dough nuts luks perfect to munch..

  26. They look exactly like the store bought/ Krispy Kreme one..Brilliant job !

  27. hey bharathy,i tried a smal batch of these yesterday, they turned out good. today i amde a bigger batcha dn instead of one hr resting time for the dough i let it rest for like 5-6 hrs. i made the dough first thing in the morning. and after cutting out the doughnuts also i let it rest for 1hr 30 mins and the doughnuts were lighter and more fluffier than the previous ones!!!

  28. Glad to know that Messy! :)
    it all depends upon the quality of yeast too..

    some yeast require more time to ferment the dough. the more the fermentation the sourer the dough gets resulting in more softness..let not the dough get too sour alters the taste..all you have to find out is the quantity and quality of the yeast you use.Nothing to go wrong otherwise actually!
    Cheers :)


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