Saturday, August 13, 2011

Picture of the week ~ The fruit seller

To bring freedom and opportunity to the common man, to the peasants and workers of India; to fight and end poverty and ignorance and disease; to build up a prosperous, democratic and progressive nation, and to create social, economic and political institutions which will ensure justice and fullness of life to every man and woman...                              ~Tryst with Destiny - Speech by Jawaharlal Nehru

She still comes to my doorsteps twice a week. She has lived past 7 decades and toils still...

Do we really live in an Independent Nation?

Let us join our hands and work together to create a better nation!

Happy Independence Day!


  1. I can see the real happiness in her eyes eventhough she drenched wet in her sweat.APT picture for our independence day.

  2. this is the real beauty...luv this picture

  3. Love the pic. You have captured her beautifully.

  4. Wow wat a real beauty..well captured..

  5. Beautiful :) lovely capture. HAppy Independence day to you too :)

  6. lovely pic! and thoughful post!

  7. Very lovely cature, the expression has been captured soo well!

  8. nice click...and good collection of recipes...first time here and i am glad i stopped by...following u

  9. Reminds me of the keerai vendor... Happy Independance day!!!


  11. Perfect post for today,happy independence day,,,:)

  12. lovely smile and loved the shiny eyes!


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