Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sothi - A mildly spiced yellow curry with sliced onions cooked soft in coconut milk

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The weekend kept my hands full, son's visit, cooking up family favourites, doctor consultations, a weekend break in Tanjore where I could chill out with books, and some gardening.

Now, did you ask me about the weight loss programme?
Believe me, losing the first 2 kgs is never an issue, which you can easily achieve within a week (of course by cutting down food to about 50% and still not saying a complete no to the' irresistibles') and for the every single gram to continue, you may need to 'starve' or 'run' at least an extra kilometre on the treadmill, a day!

So, soon after clicking the publish button here, I am off to today's session after a week! (eating less whatever I cook isn't an issue, again, but staying away from the favourites in Tanjore needed some real self control!)

Sothi, is a dish I learnt recently, which isn't a regular dish at home, out of interest for the love of coconut milk curries! This mildly spiced curry is again a request from one of my friends, kept as a long pending one...

Serves 2-3

Get ready with:

1 cup of coconut gratings, firmly packed

To season in order

2 tsps oil
1/2 tsp fennel seeds /sombhu
1 tsp of ginger and garlic - julienned
2 green chillies sliced lengthwise until 3/4th
1 big onion - sliced thin, lengthwise
1 small tomato - chopped
A sprig of curry leaves
1/4-1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste

Preparation of Coconut Milk

We need 1 1/2 cups on the whole. 3/4 cup, thick and 3/4 cup thin.
Prepare coconut milk by extracting 3/4 cup (of thick creamy milk) as the first extract from the fresh coconut gratings and 3/4 cup thin milk as the second / third extractions. (You can combine second and third milk).


1. Heat oil in a kadai , splutter the fennel seeds.

2. Sauté in the julienned ginger garlic immediately, followed by onions, saute for a few mins until translucent.

3. Add in tomatoes, ginger garlic paste and chillies until they turn soft.

4. Pour 1/2 cup of water and close the pan adding salt and turmeric powder. Throw in the curry leaves.
Simmer until the onions are cooked soft and the water is reduced to 1/4 cup.

5. Stir in the 3/4 cup thin coconut milk.

6. Bring it to a slow boil with controlled flame. After a minute or two switch off the stove (too much boiling curdles the milk).

7. Add along the 3/4 cup thick milk and check salt  before transferring to your serving dish.

Sothi goes well with Idiyappam.


  1. The last click is so tempting.Sodhi looks irresistible...

  2. Never had this and it looks so so good. Flavourfull too.

  3. verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry delicious and lip smacking.

  4. hmmmmm...I can smell it here, with soft idiyappam in the backdrop you are making me drool ;)

  5. This is Nellai- special indeed! :) Classic color and best combo with idiyappam :) Divine!

  6. There are no words I can use to thank you for posting this recipe. My mil makes sothi as a side dish for aapam and was wondering about the recipe and bingo! Have I ever told you what a godsend you are...
    Vacation in Tanjore with books sounds awesome... chill out!

  7. Delicious and mouthwatering recipe...
    Wow!!Vacation in my home town sounds awesome...

  8. Pictures look beautiful as always. One of my friend from the south makes this often and I learnt it from her.Truly yummilicious dish

  9. wow!! nice presentation. its all time favorite

  10. This dish looks so flavourful and delicious. Enjoy yr time in Tanjore :-)

  11. wow, that looks wonderful to go with rice.

  12. Delicious looking recipe...and the clicks are superb..

  13. For a really long time, I thought Sodhi is from Kerala :). It goes so well with aapams :)

  14. dish looks so beautiful and tempting...never had this before ,so will surely try this...

  15. This is very new to me... but a definetly handy recipe when I'm out of veggies... It does look delicious.

  16. Yumm, sothi looks super stunning,love it with appams.

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  18. I tried this recipe and it turned out really well! Thanks for the share!

  19. It was yummy. Thank you for sharing


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