Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Picture of the week ~ The Palace of Illusions

 Blogging had been taking away much or whole of my free time for the past 5 years.
 Badly wanting to go back to reading I got this novel after my sister's suggestion.

 The story is all about Mahabharatha, the greatest epics ever since, in Panchaali's (the Pandavas' wife) point of view! Palace of  Illusions took me to a roller coaster ride of emotions :  pride, fear, anxiety, desire, laughter, worry, envy, resentment.... eventually I saw myself in Panchaali !

Her complicated relationship with Krishna which she herself fails to decipher, the way her heart reaches out for Karna... beautifully portrayed!

I don't remember crying after a novel but this one got my eyes brimming, when Karna confesses to Bheeshma, in his death bed, his mingled feelings of passion and respect, he had for Panchaali!
And again, when Arjun doomed after Krishna's sad end, when panchaali confronts the blue corpse wrapped in yellow silk...
Three loud cheers to you Chitra!!

And this mighty lady, Gandhari, removes the cloth tied around her eyes, powering every cell of her beloved son Duryodhan's body with immense strength so as to withstand the war against Pandavas--- goosebumps!
The way Krishna signals Bheema during the duel with the strong Duryodhan, to break the bones high up his thighs ( he was supposed to be naked when he confronted his mother to acquire her supreme strength in him, but he wore a loin cloth) the part of his body where he had his own/lesser power and Bheema who listens to it is cursed, for breaking the rule of duel war as not supposed to hit a rival under his navel, while Duryodhan enters the heaven.....
 Krishna bears the sin and turning to Panchali he says he accepts the sin for her sake, as he couldn't stand the way she was humiliated by Duryodhan in his court and he deserved such a death!
The flashing emotions Krishna sees on her face, the way he gets confused....
Ah! I am losing words here....

After all it's Mahabharatha! which has already found its place to dwell...in my system!!


  1. Your recap makes me want to read the book.

  2. This book is very close to my heart. It captures Mahabaratha in a way I have never heard before.I am going to try and read it again now. Beautiful capture.

  3. I love this book,read it twice.After reading this book i started dislinking karna,he too has his hand in Panchanli's vastra haran....didnt know about that before.....

    1. Same pinch! even I never knew that..again, isn't it dussasan's blood Paanchali wanted to see or wash her hair in specific, as a vengeance. In the book it says, Kauravas as common!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for the Awesome suggestion, sis..looking fwd to more ..:)

  5. I used to love to read book when I was in my teens, the bigger the book the better I feel. But after marriage, 2 kids, full time work, I miss my reading... Thank you for suggesting this book. I look forward to reading this hopefully by the end of this year!!.

    1. Vaishu, carry on with it if you are for mythology /Hindu puran.. it isn't a gripping one but put well.. since it's from drowpadi, its more of a chic lit.. why waiting till the end of the year.. get one right away . bet you wont regret! :)

  6. I like that story! Wonderful share! I hope I can read the Palace of Illusions story better yet soon. By the way, you did capture the place professionally. bookmarking demon

  7. I read this book a few years ago, and it stuck onto my mind for a long time. I loved the narration. I had been reading & watching The Mahabharat for a long time, but never looked at it from Paanchali's point of view. This book was just too good, I specially loved the climax when she falls and realizes that Krishna was with her all along! Thanks for refreshing my memory with the write up! :)


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