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Fish Molly ~ a cooking demo at Green Woods, Thekkadi

astweek we had a two day break in Thekkady and the cute little resort we opted to stay was a new property named Green Woods. We were, quite relaxed with our stay, enjoying the extensive shirodhara, swimming in the pool, going happy with the food and most importantly strolling in the woods mesmerized by the faint aroma in the air.This is so special about the place, the aroma of the woods soaked in rain and let me tell you this made me feel home, absolutely!

...or did I miss home and happen to d.r.a.g the family to such a destination  for the short holiday? ;)

                 It was raining cats and dogs when we checked in and were drenched!

Way to Vanya, the tree house.They had a tea shop where we had hot masala tea and crispy pokodas.

                                                   View from the cottage window

Well, we had cooking demos in the evenings where they focussed the traditional recipes of  Kerala!
 For day 1 we had  this lovely dish, Fish Molly along with beans n carrot thoran.
 For day 2 we had chicken roast and pineapple pachadi.

Fish molly is the mildly spiced curry I had always relished since childhood in my hometown. It's more of a stew with coconut milk and the traditional spices with chunks of fish as the main ingredient.

I had taken a few random shots when the demo was going on; though not happy at the quality of pictures in low light and no much of preparations, I wanted to share my favourite fish dish with you..
here goes...

Ramdas, the guy who hails from Moonnar, an assistant cook, is here for the demo session.
P.S- it was hard to make him smile ;)

Ram prepares the utensil. I loved this cast iron pan and am planning to get one during my next visit to Kerala.

                      She was one of the resort guests who got ready to assist him for the demo..

The main ingredients. Fish, onion and tomato slices, coconut oil, fenugreek, ginger-garlic juliennes green chillies and curry leaves .The others marked X were for the carrot and bean thoran done in the same time which is not featured here.

                                                                   Heat the pan.

                                                            Check the heat...

                                                         and pour coconut oil

                      throw in  fenugreek seeds and sauté  for a couple of seconds until light brown,

                   ginger-garlic juliennes, until the raw smell goes off and the aroma spreads

                                   followed by the green chillies and curry leaves

                                                The onion rings get in next

                                       which are to be  sautéed until translucent

                                                      in goes the turmeric powder

        and some water.Cook the onions until soft (if possible cover the pan and cook on medium flame)

                         Add the fish pieces and cook for 5-6 minutes until they are cooked

                                                          Add the tomato slices

                                    and combine gently letting tomato slices to get cooked

             Pour the coconut milk and switch off the flame immediately. Combine the curry gently.
                                         sorry for the not so good pic..this is all what I have :)

                                                       Garnish with tomato slices

                     and curry leaves if necessary. The traditional Fish Molly is done!

Fish Molly                                                       

To serve a family of 4
(The above step by step recipe is halved from the original, which follows)


1/2 kg fish (cleaned and cubed)
2 big onions sliced thin into rings
1 large tomato, sliced thin and round (reserve 2-3 slices to garnish, optional)
1.5 cups, +/- ,water
2 cups thick creamy coconut extract

To Season:

Coconut oil- 2- 2.5 tbsps
1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds / uluva- 1/2 tsp
1tbsp each of ginger-garlic juliennes
3-4 green chillies sliced lengthwise and cut across once
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
2 sprigs curry leaves

Heat coconut oil in a broad thick bottomed pan, brown the fenugreek seeds and sauté in ginger-garlic juliennes, green chillies, curry leaves, followed by the onion rings and turmeric powder. Pour 1.5 cups +/- water, cover the pan and cook the onions. This will take not more than 6-8 minutes. Add the fish. Let the pieces get cooked for 5-6 minutes. Stir in the tomato slices gently and combine. Let it simmer for another couple of minutes. The water in the pan would have reduced to half and this stage. Pour the thick coconut extract, stir to combine gently and switch off flame immediately not letting it curdle.

Serve warm with appams or steamed rice

Note- The authentic fish molly recipe demands the fish pieces to be cooked in thin coconut milk instead of water.The above recipe is a quicker, easier method which tasted equally good!


  1. Yummy curry.. I saw the similar demo on a TV show once. Noted down the recipe and still have not tried it out...I will make it now that you have reminded me.
    Lovely clicks of the resort.

  2. Love fish molly saw in Swapna's place last week too,last time i was in thekady , i was in 7th std i think.

  3. Delicious looking curry. Thanks a lot for sharing the step by step procedure.



    See plagiarism at work ?

  5. Super irresistible fish molly, fingerlicking dish definitely.

  6. delicious dish! i had been to thekkady several yrs ago. lovely place!

  7. Hi Bharathy , I'm Punitha htpp://

    You are having wide knowledge ,interest and experience in blogs,

    your step by step description and presentation is awesome ...

    Keep Rocking...

  8. Thank you Bharathi, for this wonderful recipe.

  9. Thank you chechy for sharing such great info about the visiting spots people r not aware off. Fish molly is just awesome, I loved that cast Iron vessel too :-)

  10. GREEN WOODS THEKKADY has always been our check in stay at thekkady and we love the food and the ambiance....
    The cottage stay is awesome and the Ayurvedic treatments are great relief after the long drive to the destination
    If you love travelling and staying at exotic resort please try ORANGE COUNTY in COORG karnataka.


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