Monday, July 2, 2012

A Break

 I' ve heard my friends or people around me saying, "I have no time for that!", particularly to do something you had requested, wondering whether he or she shares the same interest as you do.

I personally feel, it's really 'not' the lack of time as they mention, but the 'interest' and the way they 'prioritise' their things for the day.

For example, a good friend of mine asked me how long I spend a day reading newspapers.
My snappy answer was that "I absolutely have no time in the mornings!"

And here comes another friend's ( much irritating) question..
Bharathy, "Oh My! You look F.A.T ! How long do you exercise a day?..not even half an hour like I do eh?"

"Ah! I know! I am not an early riser and the evenings keep me pretty occu..pie..d"
[ ^%$# Oh Yeah! You run and puff and pant on your treadmill for half an hour a day and mind you, you still look like a Whale! I go for swimming.. when I feel like.. and you are looking at my 'well toned muscles' .. not F.A.T....ummf ]

So now, lately... pressed between  lots of travel, family functions, commitments, sick son, and crazy power shut downs it had been a struggle to post, even once a week!

No food photos, no new recipes, no drafts....yet announcing a break throws a wet blanket on my positive mood...forced to forget my space at least for a month as already off for a 3 week holiday...

Miss you and see you soon with tons of new recipes!

Lots of Love,
Bharathy :)


  1. Hi Bharathy, People I see are obsessed with the body. The slim ones love to rub it into the not so thin ones about how slim they are. Its all EGO. They don't know your life story and what you are day to day life is. Its hard to find a friend who truly thinks good for you. Become very aware as to who is a friend who is an acquaintance.

    1. Thanks Sri :) ... True that you cannot differentiate between a good and not so good friend these days.. This post is towards the lighter serious message is intended..

  2. Hi Bharathy ,

    I understand your hectic situation,

    Feel free and come at your convenient time,

    Your friends are always here, and

    eagerly waiting for your entry...

    Take care of your son and your family Bharathy...


  3. just chill and tell people to buzz off... ask them how exactly it is their business to stick their nose in your life.... better still, just ignore them. nothing irritates nosy parkers more than getting the big chill. Enjoy your holiday... that's what is most important.

    1. Thank You Arundati :)
      yes it is irritating when someone confronts you like wise.
      ... this post is meant to be a lighter one...nothing too serious..:)
      Thanks again for being around...long time since you popped up here...hugs!

  4. Enjoy ur holiday and waiting for ur wonderful recipes

  5. U r such a beautiful heart who has put in much efforts for Spicy chilly when the weather is all favours...There is a time for everything under the go with the flow, do not have regrets,.. enjoy each and every good moment that life gives us as it is gone the next moment, learn from every bad or sad moment, as it is a step meant to educate us on life's lesson..Enjoy your break and come back to us with your experiences, we are waiting for you :) Cheers /Anita

  6. Mouthwatering here, what a terrific and super tempting....

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