Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kothu Chapathi with Egg ~ stepwise pictorial

A blogger would know about the mid life bloggers' crisis.
One of my buddy talks about having a bunch of exotic recipes drafted, but reluctant to push out to blog just because she loses words for the introductory part.
Over the years we find ourselves improving in cooking skills, selection of recipes, photographic talents, earning readers...fame... but doesn't really apply when it comes to the 'writing intro part'.. it's monotonous.. stale..boring when it comes to me.

At times I click more pictures than needed. Most of them look good and I eventually become hesistant to opt out any from the final selection. All should go in, as simple as that! ( in the one, down )
Trying hard to change this complicated attitude of mine!

Well, past week I was in my native town with my in-laws, all 6 families living in individual spaces in a huge apartment. Sounds good, right?
For me?
Late wake ups..lazing around.. eat.. go out.. shop.. wander around the apt..being available to anywhere..sleep anywhere..chatter with all..stop till we bed (start the cycle from 'late wake ups') ;)

While enjoying such  a lazy morning sipping the hot flavourful decoction coffee, made by Prema athai, I got a call from upstairs, Nammukka! (my husband's cousin)

Not at all..just woke up (glanced at the clock which said, 8:29 am) raised eyebrows.. bit my toungue..

Well, I am fixing lunch for my son. Kothu chapathis..why don't you come up and click? .. he has to leave in another 5 minutes!

whaa..? why not.?. camera?? batteries? yes! charged! zip..snap..whrrr run..up the stairs.. puff pant..

Nammukka ( yes, it's her pet name) was ready with the ingredients! well presented!
Mammamia, I thanked her heartily for this part and kept on clicking for the next 5 minutes!

                                                                       You Need

                                                     Avoid the egg for an eggless version  
                                                                     How to Make

                                           8:36 am!! Just on time to get in the bag!!

I din't bother her with queries while clicking, coz she was really doing things fast, for her son who had been waiting to rush to the school-bus-stop.
But I did make her pose/pause her hands every now and then ;)
    Akka, this post is dedicated to you and your little son who loves this yummy power packed lunch!

.....................back down stairs, my cup of coffee was still piping hot!


  1. Nice post Bharathi Akka..5 mins for entire dish great (yeah with the photos!)

  2. I actually buy this at a Sri Lankan take out. I like watching them do it like a musical symphony in steamy action. Wasn't very sure about the ingredients. Thank you for capturing every step. Now I want to try this at home.

  3. i loved your last photo Very innovative :) nice capture :)

  4. Wow. I have had this without eggs. The last pic is fab.

  5. Well explained & looks so tasty!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  6. I have never made this at home and I am going to try this when Hans is out of country that is the time when I try food which I want to eat so that I din't have to bother if H or S like it.
    Oh i totally agree I hace pics of food I make but don't know how to start writting a post .

  7. Ohhhhhhhhh was reading teh recipe, you need left over kurma, bumper :-( now i have to go and look for a kurma recipe

  8. Love the use of the kurma gravy. May be i can use any other gravy too. Hmm thats the wondrful idea. But I bettre leave it out till my FIL goes on his annual visits to make it. (cannot cook eggs otherwise.) But thios one is etched in my memory. Thanks.

  9. Your writings aren't monotonous in the least. I love your writings... your words come straight from the heart. I know some bloggers who don't even bother about writing anything as intro, that's very disappointing. I can sympathize with your friend though, because I am just like her. :D Hey, the parotta looks delicious, it's one of those comfort foods for me. Always makes my mouth water.

  10. Tempting as well as mouthwatering…

  11. This is a awesome post... enjoyed reading every bit of it... :)


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