Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Saturday Market ~100 Days in Namakkal - Part 2


If the success of a post lies in making a few nostalgic, a few excited, a few proud, a few encourage, a few comment, a few share, a few mail, a few call, a few obsessive and a few weep, the previous post was!

Thanks for the overwhelming response and  the pleasantest surprises I was offered by you! Feeling glad that the post is reaching and being received well, than I expected. Here lies the ultimate contentment of a blogger.

I had planned to visit a few schools in town but then since the exams are going on, hesitated to end up with complications. The visit to the poultry farms to for the chicks and eggs was almost confirmed but got cancelled the last minute.

No regrets as I secretly wished to cover the weekend market and make the post exclusive.

So, as planned, I visited the Sanikizhamai Santhai or the Saturday market , which is open the whole day, in the evening with a large eco bag that got back home empty!
I skipped to shop!

...hold my hands and I'll take you around...the pictures are going to speak with you..

















my favorite is reserved for the last!



 I can never forget the 110 days you pampered me in your lap. You mothered me like my home town, which I'll cherish for a life time!
Wouldn't miss a chance to be back to your warmth, anytime...
Namakkal, I love you and miss you!

 Have no words to thank,
 my loving fathers-in-law who made the posts possible in every way.
 my dear readers, fb friends and cousins-in-law for the unending support and cheer. 


  1. It was such a nice feeling that the town I usually take for granted been introduced to me through someone who spent 100+ days there and fell in love! Ironic as it may sound, I have never been to the sandhai! It is refreshing to see the mounds of vegetables and stuff there.
    I am sad that you are leaving soon, it would have been nice if you had stayed a wee bit longer and clicked the ten day long car festival. i am hoping that th shops are already coming up.
    Thank you :)

  2. Lovely post,nice clicks,so nice to see the innocent smiles and faces.....

  3. Superb awesome fantabulous pics.. My fav is the pori selling mother-child one.. How happy they are when you take a snap of theirs..

  4. Bharathy, lovely pictures with life and smile! have to go thru again! for me namakkal remiinds me about nadodigal scenes, now it will change!

  5. lovely pics of saturday market.....nice to see the innocent smile on their faces..hope u enjoyed a lot..nice market with plenty of veggies,bananas,snacks and dried fish.I have never been to the santhai!!!!!

  6. Nice clicks, I hope that we'll see part 3 and more, when you visit namakkal next time :-)

  7. i do not have words - a unknown happiness passed through me. your pictures speaks about the town......the best wonderful was that innocent happiness of mom and daughter in the last pic - it simply says how much they love each other :)

  8. Nice post Bharathy! So, you are winding up from Namakkal? Beautiful way to bid adieu! :)

    I liked the Mom-daughter picture(last but one) very much! :)

  9. I love going to Santhai. You have captured some awesome scenes of it. Looking at the photos, it made me realize that every single person selling something is a self made entrepreneur. Isn't that so great. Most of them are women. Namakkal, looks beautiful through your eyes. I am sure you will have a lot of memories to cherish.

  10. i am so so smitten by the fresh vegetables. also, the mother daughter picture is too good!

  11. gorgeous photographs!

  12. I think the mother-daughter picture is my favourite too! and, of course, everything else that is 'bazaar' i love anyways...

  13. LOVE the post! Nothing beats walking through our local markets. Thanks so much for sharing these photos! :-)

  14. This is so beautiful, presented like a photo journal. I love all the scenes as it makes me fell like walking through the market in real time. Thank you for the virtual tour! Hope to visit Namakkal sometime, for, now I know where to go after viewing your posts.

  15. Hi Bharathy:
    You outdid yourselfi in Namakkal 2. Such colorful pics with human emotions to go with it. The pics told the story, you are a great photographer and story teller. Proud of you dear. Keep up the good job.

  16. Though Namakkal is about 60Kms from the place I grew up, I have never visited the place. Thanks for the amazing photo tour.

  17. Love the post!! I was born in Namakkal :-) though my family is from a place nearby. Haven't been there in ages, I love this place. Love the Anjaneyar temple and Narasimha temple. Thanks for a great visual treat!

  18. Lovely pics,Bharathy.Felt like seeing a kramathu tamil movie...am dumbstruck and Seeing your pics,I miss my hometown badly :(

  19. I miss India , the lovely ambiance , the colourful India , the crowded streets , Nothing could beat India .

  20. Amazing pics and nice market..

  21. nice Barathiiiiiiiii... while seeing this i remember the quote
    "The Best and the Most Beautiful things in this World is cannot be seen or even touched bcoz they must be felt with the HEART"

    This is the real one that never change

    A single image speaks thousand Words

    gud luck dude


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