Friday, December 13, 2013

A Spicy Tamil Lunch and the Rains!

Lunch and Rain

Lunch and Rain

We have not seen sun for the past 3 days. Its windy, cold and the downpour is heavy!
This is the time when the family craves for a wide spread of  'Vegetarian South Indian Lunch'. As you might have read earlier in many of my posts, we enjoy brunch by 10.30 every morning, straightaway.
Come monsoon, I love to stay tucked inside the warmth of duvet enjoying the cozy feel and have to struggle pulling myself up from the bed. Once up, the wonderful weather prompts me to be active and I will soon be brimming with energy!
Today morning had been one such day, when a full fledged lunch was made, photographed and blogged! ;)

Lunch and Rain

1. Pacha Thakkali Sambhar - The method is same as the Drumsticks/Murungakkai Sambhar. Raw garden fresh organic green tomatoes were used instead of drumsticks.

2. Vendakkai Vathakkal / Stir-fried ladies finger. I don't have the recipe yet, will post soon.

3. Poosanikkai Morkuzhambu . The recipe is here. I have also posted Bonda Morkuzhambu here.

4. Appalam.

5. Kathrikkai Puli Kuzhambu - I have the detailed recipe of Mochai-Kathiri-Murungai Kuzhambu here. I used only Kathirikkai/Brinjals today.

6. Rasam - Yes, it is the same Thakkali Poondu Rasam :)


8.Lime pickle & Mor milagai- I have posted Citron/Narthangai pickle here. Lime is used to make this pickle instead of citron.

I also had Vazhaithandu Koottu and plain dal and forgot to add here. Anyhow it is fine not to overcrowd :). I didn't have a mood to make Payasam but had Maja Blanca, a Filipino dessert, to complete the meal.

Lunch and Rain

Oh yeah! I am geering up for the Christmas Bakes..... :)


  1. South-Indian lunch thali looks awesome, with dipping temperature here, ur post is like an virtual treat to me :)

  2. awesome .. looks great menu... ESP my favorite Ladies finger. and rasam

  3. Why you torture me like this, i LOVE the whole plate everything looks so good. Lucky family to have this lunch. And i just love the pictures beautiful.

  4. The whole plate looks so inviting , I love South Indian thali yummy...

  5. Thank you, friends for all your encouraging words!

  6. Lovely menu must have been so good for such a weather

  7. Vow lovely and very tempting.How come it's raining there?

  8. Lovely and delicious lunch combo. Excellent preparation.

  9. Wonderful lunch combination.. awesome!!

  10. the plate looks mouth watering and tempting. I am hungry.

  11. I love spicy personal/blog/work website Unfortunately not all the members of my family like it. It is a pitty.


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